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With the continuing evolution of the outdoor marketplace, now, more than ever, it is crucial for companies to understand every aspect of the markets that they serve. 


The term consumer-centric, market-driven has never been more applicable. That's where we come in. At Peak we believe in having the answers before the test.


We are an outdoor research firm that works to help our clients understand the full dynamic of the markets they serve and their customers – who they are, their purchase and marketing motivators, their brand and product influencers, trends, competitors, and more. Peak Strategic Insights provides our clients with an understanding of the key consumer-centric marketplace drivers in the outdoor industry in order to support critical long and short-term strategic planning.

The team at Peak Strategic Insights combines our comprehensive market research expertise processes, a global, proprietary outdoor database of 20 million+ consumers and decades of experience working with consumer-centric market data. 


Peak Strategic Insights is more than a firm – we are passionate members of the outdoor community and decades-long industry professionals – committed to helping the companies we work for excel in the markets that they serve.



Peak Strategic Insights is the merging of the combined experiences of TN Marketing, a 22-year-old market research firm and Outtech Inc., a 30-year leader in sales and marketing for the outdoor industry to create a market research firm that is focused on the outdoor industry. Our strength lies in understanding the consumer quickly and applying that knowledge to our clients so they can make savvy and informed business decisions. 

For more than 20 years, TN Marketing has delivered comprehensive consumer insights that have advanced strategic decisions for a broad spectrum of companies; retailers, manufacturers, resource agencies, non-profit organizations, and media across all sectors of the outdoor industry.

For more than 30 years Outtech has worked with manufacturers, retailers, conservation groups, and industry associations in the hunt, fish, camp and outdoor recreation markets. Outtech is widely considered one of the category leaders in sales and marketing, bringing unparalleled experience and expertise.


As the founder of True North Marketing for than 20 years, Oliver has delivered comprehensive consumer insights that have advanced strategic decisions for a broad spectrum of companies; retailers, manufacturers, resource agencies, non-profit organizations, and media across all sectors of the outdoor industry.


With over 25 years of experience in brand and product development, Mike understands the key factors for achieving success in the outdoor market. He uses this knowledge to collaborate with our Peak clients, employing our consumer-centric data to facilitate well-informed and actionable business decisions.


A 15+ year outdoor industry veteran, Sarah brings her experience as Director of Marketing for Outtech, industry leader in sales and marketing in the hunt, fish, camp and outdoor recreation markets. Sarah has an extensive background in traditional and digital marketing platforms and experience in product development, packaging design and brand development.


Janice joined Peak with over 20 years of experience in development and fundraising within the conservation arena. Janice has served as Director of Prospect Research and Development for the National Wild Turkey Federation, Director of Development for Delta Waterfowl Foundation, and Regional Director for the NRA. Janice brings her background in marketing and fundraising within the nonprofit world to provide a clear understanding of the unique needs of these groups. 






It's important to pull the band-aid off from time to time and get a true understanding of your brand and the perceptions of it by consumers. Brand surveys are a great jumping off point to understand who your true consumer is, what's working for your brand and where your weak spots are.


The marketplace moves fast, but we know that product development and production can't always meet that pace. While we can't speed up the factory, we can help you to make sure you are producing the right products that are in demand by your customers - before pulling the trigger on a new project investment. 


Consumers have a lot of options today on where to find your products. You may already have data on where your products are being sold, but we can help you uncover unrealized opportunities and make sure that your brand is available where your customers are purchasing. 


This is a big one! It's imperative to understand the categories you are selling in and what your competitors are doing. We can help you understand who your biggest competition is and what they are doing that appeals to consumers. We can confirm what you're doing right and help you identify any weak spots to adjust. 


We want to help you understand your customers full process when purchasing your products. Where did they initially hear about you? Where did they go to research to learn more? And, ultimately, where did they buy your products? The more details you have about this process, the more you can secure this path and increase sales. 


Wouldn't it be great to know if your messaging and imagery resonates with your consumers before launch? Or to have true insight on where your customers are being exposed to your brands. Let us help you find those answers to make the most of your marketing resources.


Time and again we hear from consumers that a brand's website is the first place they go to in order to learn about a brand. We provide comprehensive website reviews to get your customers feedback on your website and find you optimizations to make sure it meets all of their needs. 

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