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How to Leverage a Brand Survey to Help You Understand Your Market

Brand surveys are a quick and effective way to help you understand your target market. Honest feedback will help you understand how your customers view your brand and you can use this information to make positive changes. With over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, Oliver Fischer has delivered comprehensive consumer insights that have advanced strategic decisions for a broad spectrum of companies; retailers, manufacturers, resource agencies, non-profit organizations, and media across all sectors of the outdoor industry. He notes that your customers are the driving force behind your brand. How they perceive your brand directly impacts the success of the brand.

“In a very real way, your customers own your brand and a customer’s perception of your brand can be formed over time via many different interactions, (at retail, word of mouth, product use, advertising, reviews, marketing, online engagement, your website, etc.,) they have with your brand,” Fischer said.

A strong social media presence has become a necessity for a brand’s health. With the rising popularity and the sheer volume of social media platforms available to consumers, showcasing yourself on these platforms is vital. “As customer engagement with companies continues to evolve in today’s market, it is all the more important for companies to work to ensure they have a full and complete picture of their customer's view of their brand,” Fischer said.

Meet your customers where they’re at. If Instagram is the most popular platform with your audience, focus your efforts there. If they prefer to shop directly on your website, make sure your online ordering capabilities are robust and easy to use.  A brand survey will help you find these trends. “Quite simply an effective, targeted brand health study is a vital resource that can help a company fully understand how its brand is perceived in the mind of its customers and the marketplace while working to support the creation of targeted strategic planning to drive effective sales, marketing, and product planning,” Fischer added.

You’ll want to hear what customers think straight from the source. Yes, reviewing your analytics might show you which platforms are performing more efficiently than others on paper, but to get to the heart of WHY they’re performing that way, you need the honesty of a brand study where the customers can elaborate on their answers and give you feedback.

Peak Strategic Insights can help you create and execute these surveys and studies, arming you with the data and knowledge you need to cultivate a brand that your customers will want to engage with and support. Contact us for assistance with these surveys and we’ll help you better understand your customer, what they want, and how you can use this information to increase sales.

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Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith
Apr 25

Brand surveys can indeed be a powerful tool for gaining insights into your target market's perceptions. Their honest feedback can pave the way for positive changes and strategic decisions that drive success.

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