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Introducing Peak Strategic Insights

In an ever-evolving outdoor marketplace, Peak Strategic Insights seeks to close the gap between the known and unknown. We are an outdoor research firm that works to help you, our client, understand the full dynamic of the markets you serve and your customers. We help you learn more about who your clients are, their purchase and marketing motivators, their brand and product influencers, trends, competitors, and more. At Peak Strategic Insights, we provide our clients with a deep understanding of the key consumer-centric marketplace drivers in the outdoor industry to better support and cultivate critical long and short-term strategic planning.

The team at Peak Strategic Insights provides clients with a winning combination of comprehensive market research expertise processes, a global, proprietary outdoor database of over 24 million consumers, and decades of experience working with consumer-centric market data. 

What Makes Peak Strategic Insights an Authority in the Outdoor Industry?

Created by merging the experiences of TN Marketing, a 22-year-old market research firm, and Outtech Inc., a 30-year leader in sales and marketing for the outdoor industry, Peak Strategic Insights is more than a marketing firm. Each member of the leadership team is a passionate member of the outdoor community and a decades-long industry professional. We are committed to helping the companies we work for excel in the markets that they serve.


For more than 20 years comprehensive consumer insights have been delivered that have advanced strategic decisions for a broad spectrum of companies; retailers, manufacturers, resource agencies, non-profit organizations, and media across all sectors of the outdoor industry.

For more than 30 years, Outtech has worked with manufacturers, retailers, conservation groups, and industry associations in the hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor recreation markets. Outtech is widely considered one of the category leaders in sales and marketing, bringing unparalleled experience and expertise.


What You Can Expect from Peak

Brand Surveys

At Peak, we will help you create brand and market analysis surveys. The surveys are a great way to learn who your customers are, what they like about your company, and what’s not working for them.


Product Development Feedback

Our research will help educate you on what products your client base is looking for. This deep, user knowledge will help you launch new products according to what your customers truly want, saving you valuable time and resources and avoiding trial and error.


Sales Channel Studies 

We will help you identify the optimal places to sell your products. We will determine where your customers are already shopping so that you can bring the products to them, rather than trying to bring them to the products.


Consumers’ Path to Purchase 

We want to help you understand the entire path customers take when purchasing your products. Where did they initially hear about you? Where did they go to research and learn more? And, ultimately, where did they buy your products? Understanding the path helps you place your company at each touchpoint along the road, increasing visibility and locking in sales. 


Category and Competitor Reviews 

We can help you understand who your biggest competition is and what they are doing that appeals to consumers. We can confirm what you're doing right and help you identify any weak spots to adjust. 


Marketing Reviews 

Peak will help educate you on whether your messaging and imagery resonates with your consumers before launch. Our marketing reviews will give you true insight as to where your customers are being exposed to your brands.


Reach Out to Us

The terms consumer-centric and market-driven have never been more applicable. That's where we come in. At Peak, we believe in having the answers before the test. Let us do the studying for you, and you’ll be sure to ace your next customer exam.

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